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The best restaurants in Meribel.
Meribel has a wide range of restaurants to suit most tastes. We have listed what we consider to be the best value restaurants in Meribel , Mottaret and the villages. Traditional Savoyard dishes are to be found in most. However, some do vary their menus and there is now also an authentic Indian restaurant in Meribel. For dinner, many Meribel restaurants try to stagger arrivals so they have 2 sittings. Normally around 7/7.30pm and then again about 9/9.30pm.

♦ Families usually choose the earlier sittings so for other single adults we would normally advise the later time especially in school holidays.

♦ Below you have a selection of the best restaurants in the main town plus other areas. Each have their own pages usually with  menu samples & prices too. This will give you a good idea before you reserve your table.

♦ Note that Wednesday evenings are the busiest for all restaurants as this is the most popular day off for chalet girls. Always book very early if you really need to eat out on this day.

♦ Don’t worry too much if the restaurant is not located near your accommodation. The free bus service in Meribel is excellent and stops outside or very near most restaurants in and around Meribel and Mottaret.

♦ Have a great meal. Bon appetite.


Meribel Restaurants Main Town


The Evolution restaurant  has now CLOSED sadly. We leave it just for the memory of a great restaurant.

Barometer Restaurant

Barometer Restaurant

Barometer Bar / Restaurant. The Barometer has underwent a complete overhaul for the 2018 season and now has a separate restaurant section with a full menu, reservations and table service.


L’igloo Restaurant

L’igloo restaurant/bar has some excellent reviews. Situated in Meribel centre just 100m uphill from the tourist office. As shown it has an actual L’igloo built inside. Fabulous for large groups!

La Flambée

La Flambee

La Flambee was the first Italian restaurant in Meribel and in the 2018  season added a new selection of Italian dishes to the menu.