Meribel Restaurants - Refuge Restaurant Night Outside

The Best Restaurants in Meribel, France

Meribel has a wide range of restaurants to suit most tastes. We have listed what we consider to be the best value restaurants in Meribel, Mottaret, and the villages. Traditional Savoyard dishes are to be found in most. However, some do vary their menus and there is now also an authentic Indian restaurant in Meribel. For dinner, many Meribel restaurants try to stagger arrivals so they have 2 sittings. Normally around 7/7.30pm and then again about 9/9.30pm.

♦ Families usually choose the earlier sittings so for other single adults we would normally advise the later time, especially in school holidays.

♦ Below you have a selection of the best restaurants in the main town plus other areas. Each have their own pages usually with menu samples & prices too. This will give you a good idea before you reserve your table.

♦ Note that Wednesday evenings are the busiest for all restaurants as this is the most popular day off for chalet girls. Always book very early if you really need to eat out on this day.

♦ Don’t worry too much if the restaurant is not located near your accommodation. The free bus service in Meribel is excellent and stops outside or very near most restaurants in and around Meribel village and Mottaret.

♦ Have a great meal. Bon appetite.


Best Restaurants in Meribel Centre

Evolution Restaurant Meribel


The Evolution restaurant  has now CLOSED sadly. We leave it just for the memory of a great restaurant. BUT..Jimmy , Emma and the great team are back at Jacks Bar, by Chaudanne piste!!

Barometer Restaurant Meribel

Barometer Restaurant

Barometer Bar / Restaurant. The Barometer has underwent a complete overhaul for the 2018 season and now has a separate restaurant section with a full menu, reservations and table service.

L’igloo Restaurant Meribel

L’igloo Restaurant

L’igloo restaurant/bar has some excellent reviews. Situated in Meribel centre just 100m uphill from the tourist office. As shown it has an actual L’igloo built inside. Fabulous for large groups!

La Flambee Restaurant Meribel

La Flambee

La Flambee was the first Italian restaurant in Meribel and in the 2018  season added a new selection of Italian dishes to the menu.

La Galette Restaurant Meribel

La Galette

La Galette is a lovely family run restaurant on the Galerie De Cimes, 100 yards up from the tourist office. It is a very popular busy establishment so always reserve. Well known for Fondues, both meat and cheese.

La Taverne Restaurant Meribel

La Taverne

La Taverne is right in the centre of town with a lovely cellar restaurant. Reasonable prices and nice friendly service.

Le Close-Up Restaurant Meribel

Le Close-Up

Le Close-Up is a new restaurant , to be found the 1st floor of the Galerie , 100 yards uphill from the tourist office. It is quite unique as the patron is a Magician and performs at your table ! Traditional Savoyard dishes including fondues of course.

Le Refuge Restaurant Meribel

Le Refuge

Le Refuge has a nice warm atmosphere, locate right in the town centre. Steaks , pizzas and other local savoyard dishes are served downstairs. Upstairs is more upmarket with a larger and varied menu.


Meribel Village Restaurants

La Terrasse Meribel Village Restaurant

La Terrasse Meribel Village
(Meribel Village)

La Terrasse, Meribel Village, right by the bus stop. Only 5 minutes from Meribel town centre. Lovely venue for dinner or lunch also. See more for menu samples.


Dinner At Meribel Morel And 1600

Chez Kiki Restaurant Meribel

Chez Kiki Restaurant

Chez Kiki was THE  famous restaurant at Meribel Morel. Kiki passed away in 2020  and it is now closed. We leave it here for nostalgia.

Aux Petits Oignons Restaurant Meribel

Aux Petits Oignons Restaurant

A beautiful little restaurant situated at Meribel 1600. There is a bus stop right outside. With a log fire burning in the centre this venue has lots of atmosphere with a  service that  is extremely friendly & first class.

Tsaretta Spice Indian Restaurant Meribel

Tsaretta Spice Indian Restaurant

A genuine indian restaurant located at Meribel 1600. The Sherpa  bus stop is almost right outside so very convenient wherever you are staying in Meribel. Tsaretta Spice serves fabulous real authentic indian food, with top indian chefs in the kitchen.


Dinner At Le Plateau & Rond Point

L’adray Telebar Restaurant Meribel

L’adray Telebar
(Le Plateau)

L’Adray Telebar is a hotel restaurant right on the piste but they will pick you up in their special snowmobile from the Rond Point. A great venue for dinner right on the piste . Unique in Meribel.

Le Cro Magnon Restaurant Meribel

Le Cro Magnon
(Le Plateau)

Le Cro Magnon has always been a wonderful venue for an evening meal. The lovely friendly owners Delphine & Mathieu have now move on to take over the Blanchot at the Altiport. We shall visit the new owners soon.

Le Bistro De L’oree Resturant Meribel

Le Bistro De L’oree
(Rond Point)

Le Bistro De L’Oree has become very well known for superb food from the owner and chief chef Sylvan Chardonnet.
It is very convenient if you are staying in the Rond Point area but the free bus stops right outside if not.


Les Allues Village

En’K Restaurant Meribel

En’K Restaurant
(Village Centre)

What a lovely little cafe style restaurant and cafe style prices to match. Super food with a good selection. This is one of most popular restaurants with the locals. That says it all. Well worth seeking out.

L’Arbe Restaurant Meribel

(Village Bus Stop)

This village is the original going back centuries and is well worth a visit. Here is the first of 4 super restaurants. The L’Arbe is to be found right opposite the free bus from Meribel so very easy to reach. Great food,excellent value and also a take away pizza service.

La Croix Jean – Claude

La Croix Jean – Claude
(Village Centre)

This is a beautiful hotel restaurant, set on the main street of the old village. Le Croix Jean Claude is one of the original buildings, full of olde worlde character. A great venue for a special night out. A full a la carte menu and a superb choice of fine wines.

Tsaretta Meribel Restaurants

(Village Centre)

The Tsaretta Restaurant came under new ownership and management in 2015/16. The food and service here is excellent. There is a full a-la-carte menu plus great pizzas and bar snacks to eat in or take away.


Meribel Mottaret Restaurants

Café Del Mott Meribel

Café Del Mott
(Meribel Mottaret)

Café Del Mott Restaurant is part of the Hotel Mottaret. Very nice warm dining area. Reasonable prices too for Meribel. Just up from Mottaret centre.

Côte Brune Meribel

Côte Brune
(Mottaret Centre)

The Cote Brune has been under new ownership for a few years now and it is a lovely place for evening dinner with friendly service, nice relaxed atmosphere and super food. Not to be confused with the hectic lunchtime sessions here!

Le Rastro Meribel

Le Rastro
(Mottaret Chatelet)

Le Rastro has been famous and popular with the Brits for many years now. The food is really good here and very fair prices. The restaurant is now run by Chris & Rachi Lau. A lovely interior and great sun terrace later in season. Live music is on Tuesdays afternoons for Apres ski.

La Terrasse Restaurant Meribel

La Terrasse
(Mottaret Chatelet)

La Terrasse is a super restaurant with a giant heated marquee right by the piste. A good value venue for lunch and a candlelit dinner. Famous for it’s pizzas !! Occasional live music trio that add nicely to the evening atmosphere.

Zig Zag Restaurant Meribel

Zig Zag
(Mottaret Chatelet)

It was a lovely little cafe style restaurant run by the charming “Annette” with cafe style prices to match. Sadly now closed but we leave it on for nostalgia reasons. It is now part of a much larger Rastro Restaurant alsowith a take away section now.


Meribel Altiport

Le Clos Bernard Meribel Restaurant

Le Clos Bernard
(Meribel Altiport)

Le Clos Bernard is some evenings each week for special theme nights. Fondues & Grilled meats on the open fire. Traditional Savoyard music too. Tel for details.