Meribel Bars Pubs Nightclubs - Barometer Bar

♦ You will find a great selection of Meribel bars and Meribel pubs here, plus 3 discos/nightclubs including the one at Mottaret. Below is the list of all the best bars in both Meribel and surrounding areas. Most are in the main town but there are also a few out of town and of course up in Mottaret.

♦ Many have ‘happy hours’ which means a slight discount on most drinks especially beers. As a group you might want to buy beer in a large jug. Cheaper than individual glasses.

♦ In Meribel beer is highly taxed and more expensive than the UK but wine has low tax and is cheaper so it might be worth changing your drinking habits for a week?

♦ Many bars have apres ski sessions with live music 5pm – 7pm so Meribel has gained a bit of a reputation as a party town.

♦ Most bars stay open till 2am then it’s off to the nightclub if you want to continue in to the early hours.



Hotel doron outside

The Doron Pub

The Doron Pub is the oldest bar in Meribel and as it is in the very centre it has a very international clientel. The Pub is a lively venue and features live bands most nights and all the main sports events including premier soccer matches with full on loud non stop live commentary. Great for soccer fanatics.

Meribel Bars Pubs Nightclubs - Barometer Bar Outside

Barometer Bar

The Barometer Bar is a relaxed venue for apres ski and an evening drink. It is now also a very nice restaurant with full table service. Again located right in the centre, it has a big screen by the sunken bar area for live sports including premier league matches.  Free wifi.

Meribel Bars Pubs Nightclubs - The Taverne

The Taverne

The Taverne is right in the centre opposite the Pub and also shows all the main sports on several screens. Live music some nights too. Opens early (8.30am) for breakfast and closes late. Free wifi.

Meribel Bars Pubs Nightclubs - Scotts Bar Lounge

Scotts Bar

Scotts Bar is adjacent to the pub and is a more laid back and very comfortable venue. Popular with season workers. I has live music nights and other promotions.

Meribel Bars Pubs Nightclubs - le Poste

L’Abreuvoir Bar

Formerly Le Poste, L’Abreuvoir  is a very stylish champagne / wine bar in the centre. It serves a great selection of cocktails , wines and beers. A live DJ is also resident on certain nights of the week.Great food now too.

Meribel Bars Pubs Nightclubs - Saint Amour Wne Bar

This is a lovely little wine bar about 100m uphill from the tourist office. Perfect for couples and wine lovers for a relaxed apres ski session or a glass or 2 before dinner. Magali the owner has more than 100 bottles of good wines to choose from.

Meribel Bars Pubs Nightclubs - 50 50 Bar

50 50 Bar
(Town Centre)

The 50/50 bar is just down the road from town centre towards Chaudanne. It’s a great little drinking hole with Matt and his sister Elizabeth behind the bar. Matt has been around for ever and knows everything about Meribel.Free wifi.