♦ Meribel Snow Report Latest.

Here we will be listing links to all the best web sites we have found for the latest weather and snow report for Meribel and the 3 valleys.
♦ Also you can tune in on Internet to Radio Meribel. At about 8.05 each morning in season it gives out the latest weather and up to date Meribel snow report in English coming from the French Meteo station at Borg Saint Maurice. This is then repeated throughout the morning.
♦ Also I gather all the reports and paste in a weather forecast to my weekly newsletter on Thursdays and if needed each Saturday morning. Very useful if you are driving up the Meribel Valley from from Moutiers. Normally heavy snow starts around less Allues Village. Lower down the roads are normally clear, under 1000m. There is a place to put on snow chains just after you start climbing the mountain after Moutiers.
♦ By using all these weather forecasts together you might just end up with an accurate snow report  for the next 3-5 days.
Snow conditions in Meribel: These are usually best in January. This means cold powder days and the snow lasts longer due to the very cold temperatures. Minus 15c – 20c is quite normal in January. Also blue skies are normal. Cloudy weather without snow is not normal.
If we get snow in October then sadly it is usually gone by December when Meribel ski slopes  open. If we get snow in November then this usually stays till the start of the ski season. It is mixed with the artificial snow cannons . This gives a good base on the piste. By the way all our electricity in Meribel is Green ! Generated naturally from the Doron mountain river that goes all the way down the valley to Moutiers.

♦ If we get snow later in the season, March for example , then it does not last long on the roads. In my experience the heaviest falls are in January but it always seems to snow in February , in French school holidays.  So for the very latest report then sign up for my weekly news letter. Have a great trip