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Eurostar / Travel by rail to Meribel / France

Rail Travel Meribel - Train

Rail Travel Meribel

St Pancras Rail Station London to Meribel. (Moutiers Rail Station)
Ashford International Station to Meribel. (Moutiers Rail Station)

Rail Travel To Meribel: The snow train is a great way to get to Meribel by rail, but make sure you  book the right snow train id available (direct to Moutiers). Some Eurostar ski train routes mean changing in the middle of the night in Paris. No fun.

The Eurostar direct snow train gets in to Moutiers (for Meribel) at about 6am on Sat Mornings and leaves on the following Saturday evening at about 23.00.

Rail Travel Times 2012. Note France is 1 hour ahead of us.

London to Paris
2hrs 15min

Paris to Meribel
(Moutiers Rail Station)
4hrs 20 Mins

London Night Snow Train for Meribel Direct
(Moutiers Rail Station)
9 Hours approx
Dept. 19.40 Fri. arr 06.00 Sat
Return Dep. Sat 23.00 arr 07.00 Sun
Prices from 74.00 GBP 1 way

London Daytime Snow Train for Meribel Direct
(Moutiers Rail Station)
7 Hours 15 mins
Dep: Sat: 10.00 Arr 18.15
Ret Dep. Sat 23.00 Arr 07.00 Sun
Prices from 74.50 GBP 1 way

The snow train to Meribel means 30% more skiing in every one week ski holiday.8 Days skiing the 3 valleys instead of 6. Rail Europe (Eurostar) have snow trains with Friday evening departures from St Pancras station to Moutiers (Meribel). Rail Prices are higher than flights but involve no costly airport transfers and are definitely more convenient.

Both trains arrive early Saturday morning at about 06.00 at Moutiers rail station, which is 20 minutes by bus from Meribel. Have breakfast in Moutiers. Nobody normally opens till 08.00 in Meribel!!

The snow train is highly recommended by us for a Meribel skiing holiday. A regular public bus will bring you up from Moutiers to Meribel centre. Cost about 12 euros per person. A taxi to Meribel is approx 60 euros for 4 persons. The great advantage is 8 days skiing instead of 6 for the same travel costs. 30% more time on your favourite ski slopes. Skiing in Meribel on Saturdays is pure bliss: very quite as it is changeover day for most.

Go for it… We wish you great snow……

If you need a taxi from Moutiers up to Meribel try reserving one in advance:

Tel +33 (0) 479 00 47 37
Yann Leray Taxis

A very reliable Meribel taxi service, well known to us at Meribel Unplugged.