(The Best Value Restaurants In All 3 Valleys)

  • Les Cretes Restaurant Meribel Tougnete
  • Le 1928 Restaurant
  • Les Chenus Champagne Bottle
  • Le Pilatus Restaurant

• If you enjoy a lunch on the mountain as I do then plan your skiing around lunch! It gives a nice feeling to know that you have already booked and your table will be waiting for you at a certain time.

• I prefer either 12pm or 2pm lunches. This means you avoid the 1pm rush hour bookings which occur in ALL restaurants. You also get to ski on quiet slopes before or after your lunch while everyone and their uncle are filling up these mountain restaurants to bursting point.

• Service is also better and more relaxed both before and after this rush period. 1000’s of skiers decend on the mountain restaurants at 1pm. Why be one of the mass? Be individual. Book in advance for a more personal greeting when you arrive (the new aiter may think you are an important old regular!). Plus you also avoid this carzy peak hour traffic. I promise you it works. Try it.


Meribel Mountain Restaurants – Chaudanne

Evolution Restaurant

It was a great, friendly restaurant just across the piste at Chaudanne. Sadly closed up in summer of 2018. We leave it on for nostalgic reasons.

Jacks (formerly Meribar)

Same owners as  Evolution before it closed. Apres ski sessions plus food now served at lunch and during evenings.


Meribel Mountain Restaurants – Saulire & Tougnete