Meribel By Road

Our 10-Day Weather Forecasts is great for journey planning. Personally we would advise Calais – Rheims unless you particularly want to visit Paris. It is quicker and easier. It is about 600 miles so allow approx. 8-10 hours + stops.

Road Tolls

These come to about 60 quid each way. But worth it. Diesel is about 20% cheaper in France if you buy in a supermarket before hitting the autoroute. Petrol is similar as the UK. Make sure you have a warning triangle for breakdown and also 2 breathalysers with you. It is also the law to carry your insurance / licence with you at all times. Instant fine if not. French motorway cafes are quite good standard and open 24 hours. Most sell GPL too.

Weather On Your Journey

Just click on each town for it’s own individual weather forecast for your journey. Use the Michelin Guide to plan your route in detail. Beware: Speed cameras are installed in all motorway tunnels! In France it is an instant fine if they catch you, absolutely no excuses! They will even escort you to the nearest cash point for payment or confiscate your car. They MUST give you an official receipt. You must carry your insurance and driving licence at all times. The autoroute speed limit is 130 km but is sensibly reduced in bad weather.

Snow On The Road

In heavy snow chains are compulsory for Meribel even with a 4-wheel drive. Police will NOT let you start the climb up the mountain without them. Practise putting them on and off a few times in daylight and nice weather!

Snow Chains

These can be bought quite cheap in the Hypermarket at Albertville Commercial centre, which you pass, or the French equivalent of Halfords opposite the supermarket.

Petrol – Deisal

Fuel is cheapest in Moutiers just before you climb the mountain. Garage with the yellow sign on your right 500m after turning off the main road. It also has hygienic toilets. After that there is just one expensive garage in Meribel but it does now take English credit cards in the automatic 24 hr pay machine. Put anti freeze in your diesel in December and January. It can go to minus 30c in Meribel at night. Garage diesel is ok only to minus 20c. You can buy the additive in all garages.

Heavy Traffic Periods

Expect very heavy delays on Saturdays in February. Better to travel Friday if possible and stay overnight in Chalet Verger (below) near Albertville. Plus gives you extra skiing on Saturday…

Vehicle Breakdowns

If you are driving to Meribel in winter, you should make sure you are fully prepared for a breakdown. Breaking down on a mountain road can be cold, scary and costly. Make sure you compare and purchase breakdown cover before you leave. compare all the leading breakdown providers to help you choose from annual and single trip European breakdown cover as well as adding it to a UK breakdown cover policy.

So have a nice journey. Hope this information helps. Feel free to e-mail us for any other advice.

Michelin Guide Route Planner

“Use these weather forecasts on your route Calais to Meribel”

UK Motorway Weather Forecast For Your Route Michelin Guide Route Planner.
Rheims – Dijon
Lyon – Chambery
Moutiers – Meribel



(Ideal for a Friday night or Sunday night stopover-avoid Saturday traffic jams)
Chalet Verger is a charming pension run by a Robin and Lorna a Scottish couple. Very reasonable prices  per night B and B, or including dinner also.

Lorna is an excellent cook by the way. I highly recommend you book dinner also!

A one night stopover each way gives 8 days = 30% more skiing time. Makes lots of sense. More>