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Meribel has a full range of services for children, but sadly the English owned Meribel Crèche at Meribel Les Allues Village, which had professional. qualified nannies and child minders, closed some years ago.


For Meribel, Meribel Mottaret, Meribel Village and of course Meribel Les Allues, the only crèche facilities now are those of the ESF. An enclosed open area for kids to play in the snow or inside if weather is bad. There is a creche at Chaudanne lift centre and also another in Mottaret, over by the chatelet area.
Feel assured that your children will be well looked after by the Meribel ESF but it is absolutely imperative that you book very early for these childcare services.

The ESF Creche is normally 5 or 6 days and lunch can be included so your child is looked after safely all day long while you relax and go off skiing.

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Private Qualified Nannies living in Meribel.  If you need private childcare in Meribel then you need your own Nanny.
Qualified Nannies are available but in high demand, especially in school holidays. They prefer a full weekly booking but babysitters are sometimes  available for evenings or short term positions.

Prices will depend on the number of hours obviously but also on the number of children. Normally the nanny will come to your own chalet or apartment. Normal hours are 8.30am to about 5pm. This means you have a full day skiing . Or you may need her to take the children to ski school and then meet them at lunch.

Pop off an e mail and I will check if there is a nanny available for you.
Enquiries: [email protected]