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Meribel General Services

MERIBEL GENERAL SERVICES A - Z Architech Simon Jones  +33 (0) 6 30 898 035 Builders Couyoumdjian Stephane  +33 (0) 4 79 00 38 11 Carpenters Ablondi Bois Menuiserie  +33 (0) 4 79 00 37 57 Blanche Jean Claude +33 (0) 4 79 08 67 10 Martin Jean Claude [...]

Emergency Services

MERIBEL EMERGENCY SERVICES Medical Emergency Night Number TEL: 15 Ambulance Local TEL: 04 79 55 28 67 Chemist/Pharmacy TEL: 04 79 08 63 59 Located In Town centre Normally Open 08.30 - 12.30 & 14.30 - 19.00 (reduced opening early and late season) Dentists 1) Dr Pomagaski (Olympic Centre Chaudanne) TEL: 04 79 [...]

Radio Meribel

RADIO MERIBEL Radio Meribel is an independent radio station for Meribel. It is now called R' Meribel pronounced "air radio Meribel" As a result you will now find this 24-hour music station greatly improved. Just click on Listen Live and do just that. You can even listen in at home in UK on internet. [...]

Child Care

Meribel Crèche / Meribel Childcare / Meribel Nannies For all Meribel Children's Facilities (Baby Sitting / Crèche / Playgroups / Childminding) Meribel has a full range of services for children, but sadly the English owned Meribel Crèche at Meribel Les Allues Village, which had professional. qualified nannies and child minders, closed some years ago. [...]

Meribel Restaurants

MERIBEL RESTAURANTS - THE BEST CHOICES Meribel has a wide range of restaurants to suit most tastes. Traditional Savoyard dishes are to be found in most. However some do vary the menus and we even now have an authentic indian restaurant in Meribel. For dinner many Meribel restaurants now try to stagger arrivals [...]

Meribel Banks

MERIBEL BANKS & CASH POINTS Please note: Meribel banks now will NOT change banknotes except for their own customers. So changing foreign currency cash to Euros can be a real problem for tourists in Meribel. Best try the post office. Meribel & Mottaret Bank de Savoie (Main Square) Opposite the Taverne (24 hour cash point [...]

Weather Forecast

MERIBEL WEATHER FORECAST The last Snow Forecast | Snow Report | by E-mail Here we will be listing links to all the best web sites we have found for the latest weather for Meribel and the 3 valleys. Also you can tune in on Internet to Radio Meribel. At 8.03 each morning in [...]

Camping Meribel

CAMPING MERIBEL - MERIBEL CAMP SITE There is one campsite for the public in Meribel. It has limited spaces so reservations are essential. The campsite has hot showers and toilets. To my knowledge, unless it has changed, the electric supply is very basic for campers. Ok for lights etc but not full heating. The campsite [...]

Meribel Mountain Restaurants

MERIBEL MOUNTAIN RESTAURANTS (THE BEST VALUE RESTAURANTS IN ALL 3 VALLEYS) If you enjoy a lunch on the mountain as I do then plan your skiing around lunch! It gives a nice feeling to know that you have already booked and your table will be waiting for you at a certain time. [...]

Meribel Bus Service (local)

MERIBEL BUS SERVICE The local Meribel bus service is generally excellent and free. The service runs from around 7.30am till around midnight depending on the route. Normally buses run to good time. The exception is in heavy snow. At these times they are often delayed on route by car drivers getting stuck with [...]