Meribel Piste Map

♦ This Meribel Piste Map is by courtesy of the Meribel Lift Company. If you want an extra guide to skiing the 3 valleys then be sure to download and print my

6 -Day ski guide for Meribel and the 3 valleys.

♦ Having been here 32 seasons now (1988 the first!) I have managed to give some good tips for keen skiers. The best runs are usually first thing in the morning and also how to avoid the worse lift queues where possible.

♦ The guide is on piste only. I prefer to ski off piste personally but am not allowed to encourage you. Anyway it is always best to ski with a qualified guide or instructor.

♦ The 3 valleys of Meribel are the perfect playground for all levels of skiers. Once you’ve gained experience, there’s plenty of intermediate slopes to explore. And if you’re an expert, there are some challenging black-rated slopes to test your skills on. The piste map will help you find your way around and the meribel map piste will show you which ski lifts to take. Don’t forget to use the Meribel ski lift timetables too so that you don’t miss out on any fun.

♦ Meribel has over 600 km of skiing on piste so for a one-week holiday you have an incredible choice. Too much in fact. So my little guide will help you find the best on piste routes around the 3 Valleys. It is best to use it in conjunction with the piste map which is given to you free with your lift pass. We can arrange lift passes waiting for you if you wish. Saves you hassle at the ski pass office.

♦ There are 3 valleys in Meribel and we have included a piste map of the area and ski lift information. To get to know the resort better, it’s worth taking a look at our piste map and learn more about the resorts ski lifts, so that you can explore as much as possible during your stay.

♦ I don’t ski fast nowadays but always catch the first 9am lifts to avoid the crowds for an hour or two. It can be wonderful up there on the mountaintop at 9.20am. I always try to aim for lunch at either 12.00 or 14.00. This means that you often will ski on empty pistes between 12.30pm and 2pm when the world and his uncle are queuing up for or eating in busy mountain restaurants for lunch.

♦ The best way to explore the mountains is to have a good map in hand. So download this piste map, or better still ask the tourist office to send you a hard copy. Then read my guide in association with it. It will then make more sense.

One of the best practices to get the most fun out of your skiing holidays is to get your skis ready in advance. Hire from us and get up to 50% discount.

I wish you a great ski trip and do feel free to ask my advice on skiing the whole trois vallees area.