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Meribel Season Work As Bar Staff:
There are plenty of bar jobs in Meribel. However they all go quickly and are much sought after. Bar jobs usually come with accommodation and maybe a Meribel lift pass. However they are usually pretty poorly paid and involve long hours.Bar jobs are normally 6 days giving 1 free day off a week. It helps if you have experience or some previous training.

Restaurant Work In Meribel.
There are many restaurant jobs each season in Meribel. Chefs,waiters,waitresses,kitchen staff,cleaning staff. Many are French owned. In these cases French language is normally necessary.The English owned restaurants will noramlly prefer English staff with the right to work in France. Hours are long. Money is poor. 1 day a week off is normal.

Meribel Season Work – Chalet Staff:
Chalet staff work long hours for little pay. However they normally get accommodation, food, and lift pass with ski hire included. The chalets have vacancies for a chef or cook with training or experience. Often the chalets need drivers, so there are now many driving jobs.(age 23+). Some chalets employ nannies for the season. Some will need a general maintenance man also if they have many chalets to look after.Again, no matter what the role season work in Meribel very rarely pays much.This is because the jobs are much sought after, even with low pay.

Driving Jobs In Meribel.
There are many transfer companies now in and around Meribel. Drivers must have a full driving licence , good and safe driving record and be over 23 years old. As mentioned some chalets also need drivers for their ski shuttles. Must driving jobs involve 8 seater minibuses.

Meribel Season Work As Ski Man – Ski Technician:
Ski jobs as a technician needs experience normally. Hours are more reasonable and there are days off. However weekends are very busy, often with night work on the Friday when all the skis are returned. It is advisable to get some training if you want this type of job in Meribel. meribel ski shops have very high standards.

Hotel Jobs In Meribel:
Hotels in Meribel tend to employ French staff mainly. However if you speak French then you will have an advantage obviously.
Hotel jobs include, Hotel managers , chefs with experience, trainee chefs,kitchen porters,cleaners,drivers,bar staff, waiters,waitresses. All have a high standard of work ethic.

So: Meribel season work = low pay = long hours – 6 days a week. Why bother.
1000’s do every winter season due to the fun to be had. Even though the work is hard you still get to ski and party all season. Maybe 20 days skiing or more. Loads of party nights. New friends. New experience of life. If you keep up your energy level you will will enjoy every minute. rest assured the memory will never leave you.

For more interesting information on this fabulous ski resort follow the link to Wikipedia. For more further information on Meribel ski holidays you can also visit the Tourist Office web site.However I do think you should find what you want somewhere inside Unplugged.If not just e mail me, no problem. Glad to help.
Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meribel
Tourist Office: www.meribel.net
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