Meribel Ski Club For Baby Boomers (Old Gits)

Baby Boomers Club – Meribel

Rob Smart Photo

Rob Smart
Editor & Ex Seasonaire

  • As an old hippy skier I often used to find it hard to find ski mates. Most of my old mates had become instructors.

  • The only qualifications needed to join is that you must be oldish, a skier, active, and positive thinking. No miserable old gits allowed. The skiing level should be about intermediate or so but relaxed. You won’t be taking part in any downhill races.

  • I shall help arrange older groups to meet up together at Chaudanne at 9am so they can all ski off together.

  • Then you can at least all have some good intelligent conversations on the lifts in good company !

  • Just drop me an e mail and I shall get you all in contact with each other.

  • If and when I am out there on ski trip then I shall of course join you.

  • The club is a solution to those travelling alone or with family. A chance to chat and ski and lunch with likeminded mates. Males or Females welcome.
  • I skied throughout the 80/90’s and more  in Meribel, so would love to impart some of my acquired knowledge to other older Brits arriving on holiday. The young can look after themselves!

  • You can ski together, lunch together, and have a drink at end of the day. As and when you wish. I can offer advice on the best routes for you to take daily. However as I have written a 6 day ski guide for Meribel expect that to be the rough route for the day.

  • The bonus is that I will advise you all the best routes and the best lunch restaurants in the 3 valleys. So if you are new to Meribel it could vastly improve your holiday.