//Meribel Ski Club For Baby Boomers (Old Gits)
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Meribel Ski Club For Baby Boomers (Old Gits)


Baby Boomers Club – Meribel

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Rob Smart
Editor & season worker since 1988

  • As an old hippy (age 68) and DJ, I decided to form an easy going ski club for us old gits in Meribel.
  • The only qualifications needed to join is that you must be old, a skier, active, and positive thinking. No miserable old gits allowed. The skiing level should be about intermediate or so but relaxed. We won’t be taking part in any downhill races.
  • Meeting up will be on Sunday of each week at 5pm, starting in Evolution Bar, Meribel Chaudanne. It’s a relaxing bar with good beer and music that will not normally give you a headache.We might change the venue during the season but as a start this I feel would be the best for most of us.
  • Music is also at a volume that you can actually hear yourself speak. And for a more lively atmosphere or soccer  then Jacks Bar is next door.
  • The club is a solution to those travelling alone or with family. A chance to chat and ski and lunch with likeminded mates. Males or Females welcome.
  • I have been around for nearly 30 years in Meribel, so would love to impart some of my aquired knowledge to other older Brits arriving on holiday. The young can look after themselves!
  • We can ski together, lunch together, and have a drink at end of the day. As and when you wish. I can offer advice of course but NO SKI GUIDING! Not allowed anymore. However I have written a 6 day ski guide for Meribel so expect that to be the rough itinary.
  • The bonus is that I know the best routes and the best restaurants in the 3 valleys. So if you are new to Meribel it could vastly improve your holiday.