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♦ I am known as the Meribel Mole and have been blogging about Meribel and its snow conditions for 15 years now. I am going to update this new web site with the archives of all my old Meribel blogs.

♦ This means you will be able to view all the Mole’s snow reports for past 10 years.
I normally do a new ski blog for Meribel each Thursday in the season so that new arrivals at the weekend will know the road conditions, piste conditions, and off piste avalanche danger. I also do daily tweets so please follow me on twitter. Join up on the home page.

♦ My Meribel blogs will also give an update on any special events going on in and around Meribel over the coming week.

♦ When I look back at all of my old blogs I see that the snow conditions vary so much that it is hard to see a regular pattern. However, recent years in all three valleys have seen good very early snowfalls (with the exception of last year and this year!). April seems aways to be versatile and extreme. Either really great snow and sunshine or sometimes miserable rain and clouds. Depends on temperatures whether we get new snow or rain. Always worth keeping an eye ope though.

Mole Blog – General Season Snow Report

December Blogs: Meribel in December can be marvellous. Heavy snow early December means empty slopes,very cold temperatures and fabulous skiing. However It might be worth booking your ski holiday last minute. We have had a few dodgy starts in past years. Normally by Xmas or New Year however the snow can usually be relied upon. Also Meribel has 100’s of snow cannons working non-stop throughout December.
January Blogs: Generally is a reliable month for excellent snow conditions. It is normally very cold but quite often sunny. I love skiing in January. It is my favourite month of the season.Also ski holidays are much cheaper at this time. If you can get away then choose January after New Year is over.
February Blogs: Is almost guaranteed good snow but Meribel is very busy from around the 7th onwards. Therefore the pistes get very worn by the afternoon. It’s not quite so cold as a rule with a fair amount of blue skies and sunshine. Ski holidays are often very expensive this month.
March Blogs: Usually sunny and can be very hot in the afternoons. Snow is usually excellent in the mornings but in late March it can start to get soft and slushy after lunch. Ok for snowboarders though. All in all a great month for ski / snowboarding and sun combined.
April Blogs: Snow conditions are sometimes the best of the whole season with really quiet slopes. But April can also bring rain below the mid stations. My advice for April is to book last minute. Just keep a close eye on my Mole report weekly. It continues right up to the end of the season, when the real moles start to pop their heads up.


♦ Many ski resorts were closed but we managed to have all links open to the 3 Valleys. Our guys did wonders with the snow from the cannons. Until New Year it was quite ok on pistes that were open , if a bit limited and icy later in the day. New year being crowded was not so good but at least we did have snow.
♦ We had a poor start after the early snows in November. Sadly it got warm and all the lower snow melted. The pistes were actually not too bad till the busy New Year week, due to the 100’s of snow cannons in the 3 Valleys.
♦ All links were open but some pistes were closed.
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27/12/2016. Top of Tougnete Meribel on Boxing Day. We skied all the way down to St Martin old village.
14/01/2017. Mottaret: Under there somewhere is my car!!
16/01/2017. Another fabulous morning off piste down to Les Allues village freezing cold again – 18c at Chaudanne at 9am!
25/01/2017. This is the reward for first lift at chaudanne: Velvet corduroy. Just had a great 2 hours. The best time of the day. Well worth the effort!
03/02/2017. MORE SNOW TODAY. Heavy snow now expected in Meribel for the next few days.
09/02/2017. A fabulous morning sun blue sky and loads of powder snow everywhere!!
19/02/2017. 6 at 9am at Chaudanne Meribel today so snow cannons working still in 3 valleys.
01/03/2017. Nearly 40cm of new snow today.
07/03/2017. More new snow today 59cm.
10/03/2017. Another super morning. Great snow and quiet slopes in Courchevel today.
Snow all over the 3 valleys is superb now. Off piste is a bit crusty though. This is due to high winds, some rain lower and now hot sunshine. Up to 20c down in the valley!! Spring seems to have arrived. If the weather remains cold at night with hot sun in the day then spring snow conditions should arrive soon. April is looking very promisingat the moment.
16/03/2017. Fabulous spring snow conditions today off piste.
26/03/2017. A superb morning of 20cm of new powder and blues skies.
27/03/2017. Icy pistes in the morning today but great after 11am.
06/04/2017. Superb powder day with blue skies.
12/04/2017. Fantastic charity day Meribel Village. The best apres ski of the season.
17/04/2017. Still great snow on piste above mid stations and superb sunny weather.
23/04/2017. End of season party at La Taverne. Still loads of spring snow up top and superb weather.
27/04/2017. Freezing cold and snowing today in Meribel centre.


29/02/2016. 05.00. NOT A BAD SEASON AT ALL SO FAR.
My apologies for the big gap in blogs. I have been concentrating on my weekly news letter and regular tweets. Forgot all about the blog!!! So for the seasonal history. 16th January saw the best week of the season for powder and good weather. 23rd January was great weather with good snow but no fresh powder to speak of. February has seen good snow all the month with mixed weather. Some sun but lots of smaller snowfalls and cloudy days. Some rain also at times under 2000m. The top half of the mountain has up to 2 meters of snow on it.This means we are set for a great March if the weather clears up. This week is showing more snow expected till Friday. Maybe some clear spells. As you drive up the mountain don’t worry if it looks bare of snow lower down. Up here in Meribel it is fine right now. There are some great bargains to be had in Chalets for late march and April. Check out the best of catered chalets in Meribel.
26/02/2016. 10.40. A big queue at Tougnete 2 chair but it actually only took 12 minutes to clear it!! Afterwards – Fabulous morning of fresh powder!!
21/02/2016. First day of spring for Meribel. Such a beautiful morning. Superb snow warm sun blue skies.
19/02/2016. This is a day when you should be very happy to be in Meribel and not Val thorens. Complete total fog this morning above the tree line.
12/02/2016. Here we go yet again clearing off the car. Heavy snow over the last days and more coming. Get the chains ready!
06/02/2016. No problems on the roads apart from traffic maybe. It is 1st week of french holidays. Looks like 7 days of snow ahead of us!
26/01/2016. Groomed piste this morning in Courchevel. Like velvet. Looks like a superb week again here in 3 valleys. Sun and fresh snow
13/01/2016. 09.00. MORE AND MORE POWDER. 1.5m up top now.50cm at resort level.
07/01/2016. 06.30. POWDER PARADISE !!! Avalanch risk 4 out of 5!
01/01/2016. 15.30. SNOW REPORT FOR NEXT W.
25/12 2015. Limited snow yes but don’t panic. We have enough on piste but no off piste obviously.
17/12/2015. SNOW LATEST. Basic but not so bad on piste as it is very quiet.
27/11/2015. 50cm now up top.
24/11/2015. 40 cm OF NEW SNOW. 10am.
21/11/2015. ITS SNOWING IN MERIBEL. 6am.
Yes. great news.. Meribel has its first real winter snow. The October fall was too early as usual.It melted away. But meribel is expecting 50cm this week and cold weather has come in. – 11 last night so the snow cannons will begin their work if not already on the go. They do not start too early unless they know the cold weather is here to stay. Snow cannons use loads of water and are expensive to operate. More blogs will follow now as the season begins. When the snow comes it will be here first.