Radio Meribel is an independent radio station for Meribel.
It is now called R’ Meribel pronounced “air radio Meribel” As a result you will now find this 24-hour music station greatly improved.
Just click on Listen Live and do just that. You can even listen in at home in UK on internet.

♦ Radio Meribel started in 1988 in a small studio in Brides les Bains, with a great vinyl collection. It moved in to the tourist office in 1989. Now all the radio programs are played via the computer system.
♦ On Xmas day 1989, Rob Smart the editor of Meribel Unplugged made the very first English weather broadcast, and went on to have his own morning spots and an evening music show for 7 years.
♦ Since then, over the years, the English input has grown immensely, in line with growth of UK visitors.
♦ The music at night is sometimes also very good. Make sure you tune in.
♦ Useful information, such as weather report, snow report, what’s on and international news is broadcast on Radio Meribel every morning between 8 & 9 and again between 5 and 7 in the evening. Bulletins are then repeated all day long.
♦ Benji is the French manager and main man for the music as he does most of the programming. Music content is decided jointly by Radio Meribel-Radio La Plagne-Radio Tignes, Briançon, Radio les Alpes du Sud. There is normally each season now an English speaking host employed to give out news and weather in English.

All the stations share the same music program, and UK news.


This is an approximate guide to the daily program.

7.30 news FR
7.32 weather FR
7.40 agenda FR
7.47 weather FR
7.53 road information FR
8.00 news FR
8.02 weather FR
8.03 weather GB
8.09 agenda FR
8.11 what’s on GB
8.15 slopes information FR
8.23 headlines GB
8.30 news FR
8.32 weather FR
8.33 slopes information GB

8.41 weather GB
8.45 slopes information FR
8.53 agenda FR
9.00 news FR
9.02 weather FR
9.03 weather GB
9.10 agenda FR
9.15 slopes information FR
9.17 slopes information GB
9.30 news FR
9.32 weather FR
9.39 headlines GB
9.45 slopes information
10.00 news FR
10.02 meteo FR

10.10 agenda FR
10.15 slopes information FR
10.30 weather FR
10.40 weather GB
11.00 news FR
11.10 agenda FR
11.30 weather FR
11.40 weather GB
12.00 news FR
12.10 agenda FR
12.30 weather FR
12.40 weather GB
13.00 news FR
13.10 agenda FR
13.30 weather FR

17.00 news FR
17.02 weather FR
17.09 agenda FR
17.27 bon plan / reportage FR
18.00 news FR
18.02 weather FR
18.08 agenda FR
18.15 agenda GB
18.30 headlines GB
18.32 weather GB
18.40 bon plan / reportage FR
19.00 news FR
19.02 weather FR
20.00 – 04.00 R’Time A musical choice to start the evening…