tourist office

Tel: 0033(0) 4 79 08 60 01

♦ Meribel Tourist Office is situated in the centre of town next to the Pub. It is open 7 days per week. Open hours are normally 9am to 7pm (MON – FRI)  in season.  (9AM – 6PM WEEKENDS)

Early and late season hours are a bit more restricted including lunch closing, 12.00 – 14.00 as are summer opening hours.

♦ Inside the tourist office are toilets, Wifi, computer terminals, rail and bus reservations desk and accommodation enquiries. Also photo copying / FAX MACHINE  is available. The staff all speak good English and are extremely helpful.

♦ The tourist office have various free publications on display that you will find quite useful. Sadly up to now they will not display my own independent English language Meribel Unplugged magazines. Their prerogative I guess! For these you will have to look in any of the local hotels, bars or restaurants. The BAROMETER  Pub across the road have them usually on display.