Meribel Bus service - Bus
  • The local Meribel bus service is generally excellent and free. The service runs from around 7.30am till around midnight depending on the route. Normally buses run to good time. The exception is in heavy snow. At these times they are often delayed on route by car drivers getting stuck with no chains etc so don’t blame the bus driver!
  • Bus timetables are available in the tourist office, on the actual bus and our own special pocket versions are available in the Evolution Bar, Jacks Bar and Petite Oignons Bar.
  • In school holidays the buses do tend to get very packed mornings and afternoons so be prepared for a bit of pushing and shoving. Don’t forget to press the button for your stop and position yourself near the exit door.
  • Although the service is free to us, the local business community pays a great deal of money to the bus company so good service should still be the norm. Please report poor service of any kind to the Tourist Office with exact details so they can pass your comments directly on to the bus company.
  • Most of the drivers are generally excellent. Both well mannered and safe. Therefore do not let the odd one spoil their reputation, especially regarding matters of safe driving.
  • The same goes in reverse for drivers who are exceptionally helpful. Please take the trouble to add your comments in detail to the Tourist Office book.