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La Kouisena Restauarnt Meribel

Lunch 12-14.30.        Dinner 19.00-22.00.
This super restaurant is part of the 3 star Hotel L'Eterlou at Chaudanne serving an excellent value Plat du Jour . Just 5 minutes from the piste it is an up market restaurant with tasty food and excellent service.
Our Plat du Jour was entrecote steak with delicious roasted potatoes. With a bottle of Gamay the bill for two was just €50. With a plush interior or lovely sunny terrace this place is a great venue for lunch in Meribel.
In the evening La Kouisena serves all the local traditional dishes in a real savoyard atmosphere. Be sure to check this one out as soon as you arrive.
Reservations. 04 79 08 89 23.







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