Meribel Catered Chalets With 8 Bedrooms And More
Located In The Meribel Main Town

Meribel catered chalets 4 bedrooms chalet du guide dining room

Meribel Chalets With 8 & More Bedrooms


Chalet Zebra
(6 bedrooms – 12 guests)

Chalet Zebra is a superb high quality luxury chalet with 6 twin en suite bedrooms for 12 people. But it can also be booked with Little Zebra adjacent making 8 bedrooms in total for 16 people. Features include a private sauna and hot tub / Jacuzzi. Location is near Meribel centre and about 6 minutes walk to the piste.


Chalet Cardamines
(8 bedrooms – 16/17 guests)

Chalet Cardamines Sleeps up to 17 in 8 twin en suite bedrooms. 3 of the twins have extra beds. The chalet is in a superb position near the Doron piste and the Morel chairlift. All rooms here are booked individually and can include flights and transfers.


Chalet Petite Coeur
(8 bedrooms – 16 guests)

Chalet Petit Coeur has 8 en suite twin rooms. It also has a hot tub and sauna catering for up to 16 people. The chalet is near the Doron piste in the Renard area of Meribel 1600. Rooms are booked individually or by the group and can include flights and transfers.


Chalet Lou Trave
(8 bedrooms – 17 guests)

Chalet Lou Trave is just a few minutes walk from Meribel town centre, and not far from O’sullivans night club.