Lyon To Meribel – Private Transfer

♦ Just fill in the ski transfer request form with your flight travel details including the flight company, flight arrival time and flight number. Include the number of passengers including children plus what luggage you have.  All the transfer companies have plenty of space  for normal family luggage :ie- skis and snowboards. They also have special children’s seats if you need them.

♦ The road trip from Lyon to Meribel takes about 3 hours depending on traffic and the weather. It can be a lot quicker with no hold ups as it is fast autoroute/ motorway all the way to Moutiers via Chambery & Albertville. Heavy snow usually equals serious traffic hold-ups.  Your travel company will know this and may decide to change route as a precaution. I always say use a local Meribel transfer company. The drivers usually know how to use different road routes between Lyon & Meribel or Mottaret in heavy traffic. Journeys to the Tarentaise / Savoie region of the French alps get very congested during school holidays. The traffic up to reaching Albertville includes all the other ski resorts in the region too, including Valmorel, La Plagne, les Arcs, Tignes and more.

♦ Most road trips are carried out in 8 seater vehicles (minibuses) ,  even with less than 8 people. The price will depend on the number of passengers and sometimes which day of the week you are travelling. Weekday journeys are sometimes a bit cheaper than weekend travel. When travelling from Meribel to the airport for your return journey please allow time for accidents/ breakdowns/puncture etc. Although rare these things do happen on all roads, not just in France. For a flight departure, it is important to leave enough time for unforeseen circumstances.

Bens Bus has a weekend service to Meribel via Moutiers. Very cheap way for singles and couples to get to Meribel.


Lyon To Meribel
Private & Shared Transfers.

The average journey time Lyon Airport To Meribel  is about 3 hours. Or only 30 minutes by helicopter !!! 

Helicopter Transfers Lyon To Meribel By Whitetracks


Private  Airport Transfers Lyon To Meribel


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    Some Useful Contacts For Lyon Airport:

    •  Flight Arrivals: To check if your airline’s flight is on schedule.

    • Flight Departures: Check if your home going flight has any delays on it.

    • Ski Shuttle Bus Service: Lyon Airport Ski Shuttles To Meribel: Single 73.00€ Round trip 115.00€
      Youth (from 12 to under 25) Single 55.00€ Round trip 94.00€
      Child (from 4 to under 12) Single 37.00€  Round trip 63.00€

    • Airport Taxis: I would hope you would not need this one. They tend to far more expensive than my recommended Meribel transfer companies.

    • Bens Bus Lyon Service: A bus service from Lyon airport to Meribel via Moutiers.
      During weekends in the winter ski season on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays Bens Bus runs a cheap price coach service from Lyon  airport to Meribel via Moutiers bus station.  You get the public bus up from Moutiers bus station. This takes about 20 minutes and approx. 12 euros per person.

    • Airport Restaurants: Some information on the airport’s restaurants in case of your flight being delayed.

    • Airport Shopping:Lyon has a good selection of shops and a large duty free section.

    • Airport Luggage Section: Lost luggage and general enquiries and security regulations

    • Airport Hotels: Useful if you need an overnight stay.

    • On Line Check In Service: Save time and effort by checking in on line in advance of your trip.

    • Train Schedules:   The journey by train from Lyon to Meribel involves a change at Chambery. Price is very reasonable but trains are not that regular.

    • Airport Rental Cars:  A good choice of rental cars are available. If you do rent then the journey to Meribel takes about 2 to 3 hours and is very easy. AutoRoute all the way to Albertville , dual carriage way to Moutiers. Then a 20 minute drive up the mountain.

    Private Transfer Costs:

    So how much is the transfer from Lyon to Meribel?

    • How much is a transfer from Lyon to Meribel ? Normally more expensive than Geneva as the transfer companies like to get a round trip journey and Lyon is not so popular as a destination. So probably about 100  – 150 euros per person return. (4 – 8 passengers). Still cheaper than the public bus for groups of 4 or more. How long is the transfer time from Lyon to Meribel ?  As stated it is normally about 2.5 – 3 hours.

    • The price for an exclusive transfer for your group will depend  on how many of you are travelling and which day of the week. Mid week transfers are normally a bit cheaper than Saturday or Sunday. It is always worth check all the companies as one of them may have a trip that fits in nicely with yours.

    • If you have 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 passengers then a private transfer is for sure the best route to take.

    • For single, couples or small groups it  might be better  to try for  a shared transfer . 
The public bus service Lyon  to Meribel is quite good in the winter ski season at weekends. Bens Bus also run their transfers at weekends.

    • So I hope this page has been helpful. Feel free to E-mail me if you need more help  or advice on getting to Meribel.

    Editor – Rob Smart