Meribel Airport2

Meribel has a small airport, called the altiport. Meribel airport or altiport  is more of an aerodrome really. Suitable for helicopters and small private planes only.

There are no commercial flights in or out of Meribel. It has it’s own aero club for the enthusiastic flyer and for actually learning to fly. They also operate scenic flights throughout the 3 valleys and further afield. In the mountains you have to have a special mountain flying licence to take off and land due to the extreme weather conditions.

The nearest airports to Meribel in order of distance are Chambery, Geneva, Lyon and Grenoble. These are all served by our  local airport transfer companies. The distances of the 4 airports away from Meribel are from 60 miles to 100 miles. The time taken to travel from them by road is from 1.5 hours to 3 hours approximately. By helicopter travelling time is measured in  minutes !