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Meribel ski schools. Off piste class.

(A day off piste powder skiing with ski school )

  • Ski Lessons
    With the ski & snowboard schools in Meribel lessons can be taken mornings or afternoons.
    Ski schools in Meribel for beginners normally start about 9.15am for 2 hours. Lessons for intermediates skiers and advanced sliers are mornings or afternoons. The same goes for snowboarders.
    All day instruction with lunch in both Meribel and Meribel Mottaret is available for children in school holidays.
    We have listed here a comprehensive choice of Meribel ski schools and snowboard schools. Many can give ski or snowboard lessons in both Meribel & Mottaret.
  • Private Lessons
    All ski schools give private lessons. Please note that these need to be booked well in advance for school holidays. Private instruction normally comes in 2 hour sessions but can be longer.
  • Ski School Meeting Points
    Clients from Meribel Les Allues or Meribel Village will have to meet at Chaudanne. All the Meribel ski schools have a meeting point at the Chaudanne lift centre. The ESF ski school also have meeting points at Rond Point & Mottaret. Snow Systems ski school have a meeting point at Mottaret.
    Our advice is to check all ski classes to see which suits you best. Ski lessons come in morning or afternoon sessions. In high season all your ski lessons should be booked well in advance.
  • Snowboard Schools
    Also on this page are 2 dedicated snowboard schools. Most of the Meribel ski schools also give snowboard lessons with qualified instructors but these 2 are for “Pure Dedicated Riders“.
  • Make Your Choice
    Scroll down to see all 10 of the best ski/snowboard schools in Meribel and make your choice. Or alternatively fill in the ski or snowboard lessons request form and send your requirements to all the schools in one hit. So Easy!

Meribel Unplugged Ski & Snowboard Schools


Send your request immediately to all 10 of the best schools in Meribel.

Your Name
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Meribel Unplugged Ski & Snowboard Schools


Send your request to all the best schools in Meribel.

Your Name
Your E-mail
Snowboard Level
Board Lessons
Other Information


Snow Systems photo

Snow Systems
(Ski & Snowboard School)


Snow Systems Ski School has ski and snowboard classes in Meribel & Mottaret. It is a private school with English & French speaking instructors.
Meeting points are at Chaudanne & Mottaret.

Snow D

Snow D’light
(Ski & Snowboard School)


Snowd’light is a Meribel ski school also giving ski lessons in operates in Mottaret & Courchevel. It is an independent snowsports company with English and international speaking instructors.
Meeting point is at Chaudanne.

Magic In Motion logo

Magic In Motion
(Ski & Snowboard School)


Magic In Motion is an independent Meribel ski school. It also operates in Mottaret & Courchevel. Magic have instructors speaking English and many other languages.
Meeting point is Chaudanne Lift centre.

Meribel Ski Schools - ESF Logo

(Ski & Snowboard School)


The ESF Meribel Ski School has offices at the Tourist Office, Chaudanne, Mottaret & Rond Point. The French national ski and snowboard school has over 400 ski instructors speaking English and French and many other languages.

Meribel Ski Schools - Parallel Lines

Parallel Lines
(Ski & Snowboard School)


Meribel’s biggest British Ski & Snowboard School with 28 instructors in peak weeks. Parallel Lines provide fantastic ski or snowboard  lessons designed around you with only the highest qualified instructors.Parallel Lines have now been delivering English speaking lessons for 17 years in Meribel for  beginners right through to advanced. Adults  or children.

Meribel Ski Schools - Ski Marmalade

Ski Marmalade
(Ski & Snowboard School)

MORE >>>


 Our skilled and experienced team of ski instructors makes us the perfect choice for all levels of skier – from beginner to pro. A lesson with Marmalade is guaranteed to improve your skiing and confidence on the mountain. Delivered in a personal, professional, safe, fun and enjoyable environment. Visit our web site now:
Meribel Ski Schools - Sensations3V

(Ski School)


A small private French but English speaking ski school well established in our valley.
(Specialty tandem ski for non skiers and disabled)
Also serving Mottaret & Courchevel.

Meribel Ski Schools Off Piste Skiing

Meribel Mountain Guides
(Off Piste Skiing  Only)


The Meribel Mountain Guides do off piste guiding only. You must be a good skier on piste, have a head for heights sometimes and be quite fit. I love off piste skiing but it is far more tiring than on piste. If you want to try it just enquire for more information based on my personal experience.

Meribel Ski Schools Off Piste Skiing

ESF Off Piste Ski School
(Off Piste Skiing Groups)


The ESF have a great off piste skiing class for good piste skiers. It runs weekly from 9.15 am till 1pm. I can highly recommend these classes. I was the first ever client  in 1986 to join it! In those days it was called Rally Savage! These instructors always find the best powder and spring snow conditions.

Meribel Snow Board Schools - RTM

(Snowboard School)


RTM are a specialized snowboard school with top quality snowboard lessons.

Meribel Snowboard Schools - Cab 9

Cab 9
(Snowboard School)


Cab 9 are another special dedicated snowboard only school. Snowboard lessons for the real enthusiastic riders.

Meribel Ski Schools - Mountain Guides Off Piste Skiing

Mountain Guides
(Off Piste Skiing)


Off piste skiing/guiding in all of the 3 valleys for advanced skiers only.