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Lift Pass


2017 – 2018

Meribel’s ski lifts will open around 1st week of December 2017 ,  closing the last weekend in April 2018. This is of course snow permitting.

The Meribel lift pass underwent a long overdue transformation way back in 2005/6 season. Since then all Meribel ski passes  has been electronic so photos are no longer necessary.

For more advice on the different types of lift passes and what would be best option for you, including the family pass and group discounts ,  just

E-mail rob-smart (editor) direct.


The 6 day pass 3 Valley pass is the most popular. There is now also fabulous “Alpine Legends “pass. You can ski 3 Valleys, Espace Killy and Paradiski. 6 Days pass is 340 Eueos for 2017. Great if you have a car! You can also get in to La Plagne the back way. A cheap taxi from Courchevel La Praz.

  • Meribel & 3 Valley lift pass:The normal full price ski season passes start Xmas week Dec 2016 and ends 3rd week April 2017. Before and after these 2 dates ski passes are discounted as not all lifts are open. >>> 2016/17 Meribel lift pass prices 3 Valleys<<<
  • Early season discounted lift pass:Before Xmas the ski pass for Meribel is heavily discounted. The resort normally opens (with links to the 3 Valleys) the 1st weekend of December. During this period ski lift operations in the Meribel ski area are limited to the main connections between Mottaret and Courchevel plus a few chair lifts. Because of the lack of tourists at this time skiing can be surprisingly good even with limited piste. In fact some our best ever piste cruising has been during this period. In season 2012/13 the snow after 7th Dec was fantastic. Best for 50 + years!
  • Late season discount lift passes:After the 3rd weekend of April the ski pass is also cheaper. The resort closes the last weekend of April. Good snow conditions cannot be absolutely guaranteed but it is well worth keeping a close eye on the snow & weather reports for the last two weeks of the season. April can sometimes bring large new dumps of snow. We once had 1 meter new snow overnight in the last week of the season. All restaurant tables and chairs were completely buried! So you just never know.
  • Meribel lift pass for beginners:Absolute beginners should consider the Meribel Mini Ski Pass for green runs and a few blues.Note that these passes do also include the Olympe bubble from Brides Les Bain . Note there is also a free beginner’s lift situated at these ski areas. Meribel Altiport – Meribel Rond Point – Mottaret. Méribel’s bus service is also free and will transport you easily to either of these points. >>>Meribel lift pass prices for beginners<<<
  • Meribel lift pass for non-skiers:A special lift pass has been created for non-skiers who prefer walking to skiing. >>>Meribel lift pass prices for pedestrians<<<
  • Meribel half day lift pass:As Meribel has now introduced electronic lift passes you can now buy an afternoon ski pass or a 3 hour ski when you want pass. >>>Meribel half-day lift pass prices<<<
  • Meribel 3 Valleys Liberte Pass
: This involves an annual subscription of 30 euros but enables you to pay as you go daily with 10% / 20% discounted prices, plus a few extra bonuses such as free ski days. A perfect solution for those who visit Meribel more than once but not enough to justify a full season pass.
  • Meribel Valley lift pass extension:This lift pass extension allows Méribel’s skiers or snowboarders to ski/board the whole 3 valley ski area for one day.To extend your Meribel valley ski pass to a 3 valley ticket it is necessary to have a minimum 2-day Meribel Valley pass. This is a perfect solution for beginner skiers or snowboarders.Within a week you will often become good enough to leave Meribel and start exploring the 3 valleys area.Our advice for beginners is to choose just the Meribel Valley pass then add the 3 valley lift extension if necessary.Note: In order to add a 3 valley extension your lift pass must be the rechargeable type. >>> Meribel lift pass extension price<<<
  • Ski Insurance:Basic ski accident insurance can be purchased with your Meribel lift pass: Note that it covers ski & snowboard accidents only. Be very sure to read the conditions and financial limitations, approx 5000 euros maximum. (not enough I assure you) . It is great to get you off the mountain, and even home to your country of residence if necessary without paying up front.But we recommend you purchase full holiday insurance also just in case. >>> Meribel Lift pass additional ski insurance prices <<<

3 Valleys Lift Pass prices In Euros for 2016/17
Note:Discounts now available for 2 or more ski passes purchased together

Lift Pass by DayAdult Lift Pass Prices

13 – 64 years

Child Lift Pass Prices

5 – 12 years

Old Gits! Lift Pass Prices

65 – 75 years

Families Pass Example:

2 Adults & 2+ Children (5 – 18)

1/2 Day

Starts/ends at 12.30PM

1 Day€60.00€48.60€54.00N/A
2 Days€117.00€94.70€105.30N/A
3 Days€174.00€140.90€156.60N/A
4 Days€229.00€185.40€206.10N/A
5 Days€279.00€225.90€251.10N/A
6 Days€294.00€238.10€264.60€238.10 – pp.
7 Days€340.00€275.40€306.00€275.40 – pp.
Season€1260€1020.60€1134.00 1020.60- p.p

Meribel Valley Only Lift Pass (Prices In Euros)17th December 2016 – 14th April 2017
Discounts for 2 or more passes purchased together

Day TicketsAdult Lift Pass Prices
13 – 64 years
Child Lift Pass Prices
4 – 12 years
Old Gits! Lift Pass Prices
65 – 75 years
Families Pass Example:
2 Adults + 2 Children Price
3 Hours€42.50€34.50€38.20N/A
1/2 Day

Starts/end 12.30pm.

1 Day€51.00€41.40€45.90N/A
2 Days€99.00€80.30€89.10N/A
3 Days€148.00€120.10€133.20N/A
4 Days€188.00€152.60€169.20N/A
5 Days€223.00€181.00€200.70N/A
6 Days€244.00€198.00€219.60€198.00 – pp.
7 Days€275.50€223.60€247.90€223.60 – pp.
3 Valley Extension€33.50€27.10€30.10 Age Related Price

Meribel Mini Lift Pass 2015 / 16 For Beginners

All Ages
Half DayN/A
1 Day€28.00

Meribel Lift Pass For Non-Skiers (2015 / 16)

Prices In EurosMeribel Valley
1 trip9.50
1 day22.50
6 days70.00

Ski Accident Insurance

Prices in EurosSki Accident
Adult 13 +Child 5-12Adult 65 +
One Day2.802.402.80
Up to 21 days22.4019.20