St Martin De Belleville

Restaurant Le Montagnard

  • Reservations:
    04 79 01 08 40
  • Lunch: 12.00 – 15.00
  • Rough Guide: 25.00€ – 40.00 € p.p.

  • Note: All sample prices are from 2017 season & may change a little for 2018.

  • 2017 Child’s Menu(s): 13.00 €

  • Wine 75cl: A wide selection starting from around 20.00 €

This is a unique venue for a splendid lunch, Michelin style! The food is superb, and comes with true artistic presentation. We would usually choose the plat du jour, always a good choice here. Sharing a nice bottle of Savoie Gamay wine (red), expect a bill of about 30.00 € per person. Excellent value. (Note: The desserts here are also extremely special so be prepared for extra temptation) Directions: As you ski down to the OLD village stop 3/4 way down on the right side of the piste. There it is, tucked in the far corner among the row of ancient houses. Believe me, this restaurant is a true gem. The interior is extremely quaint & very small but there is now also a lovely sun terrace outside. Advance reservations are absolutely essential.