Meribel Catered Chalets 4 Bedrooms
Located Near Main Town

Meribel catered chalets 4 bedrooms chalet du guide dining room

Meribel Catered Chalets 4 Bedrooms

Chalet Croquette
(4 bedrooms – 8 guests)

A beautiful chalet with 4 en suite bedrooms for 8 guests. Located just below  town centre at Mussilon.

Chalet Lagopede
(4 bedrooms – 8 guests)

Lovely chalet located at Raffort . It has 4  bedrooms for 8 – 10 persons with outdoor jacuzzi and outdoor barrel sauna.


Dou Des Branches
(4 bedrooms – 8 guests)

A Meribel chalet 4 bedrooms that features pure luxury fully catered accommodation. It is  situated at Meribel Altiport. Dou Des Branches is ski in ski out with an indoor hot tub jacuzzi and sauna. It has 4 beautiful double bedrooms for 8 guests.

Chalet Delmontel
(4 bedrooms)

A lovely catered chalet with 4 en suite bedrooms located at Meribel Morel, near chairlift. 1 double bedroom and 3 twins plus a private sauna.

Chalet des Neiges
(4 bedrooms – 8 guests)

Des Neiges is one of our most popular Meribel catered chalets 4 bedrooms for up to 8 guests.. It is luxury accommodation located near the Mussillon area. It is located near the town centre and also features an outdoor hot tub.

Chalet Brioche
(4 bedrooms – 8/9 guests)

Chalet Brioche consists of luxury accommodation and is located at the entrance to Meribel. It has 4 wonderful en suite bedrooms for 8/9 guests. Brioche also features an outdoor hot tub jacuzzi

Chalet Bartavelle
(4 bedrooms – 8/10 guests)

Chalet Bartavelle has 4 bedrooms. 1 large double family room, plus 2 doubles. It also has 1 twin plus a twin mezzanine. The chalet is actually in Le Cruet village but we include it here as the gourmet cuisine is renowned and  truly exceptional.

Chalet Bambis

Chalet Bambis
(4 bedrooms – 8 guests)

Chalet Bambis is a luxury chalet situated on the piste above Chaudanne lift centre. The chalet has 4 en suite twin/double bedrooms for 8 guests.It is ski in ski out and one of the most popular Meribel chalets.

Chalet Brenettes

Chalet Brenettes
(4 bedrooms – 8 guests)

Chalet Brenettes is a fully catered chalet for 8 persons in 4 en-suite twin bedrooms. It is located just at the entrance to in Meribel main town.

Chalet Lachat

Chalet Lachat
(4 bedrooms – 8 guests)

Chalet Lachat is a beautiful fully catered chalet located in Meribel centre. It sleeps 8 guests in 2 double bedrooms and 2 twin bedrooms. There are 2 separate bathrooms plus 2 separate wc’s.

Meribel catered chalets 4 bedrooms - Chalet Chateclair

Chalet Chanteclair A
(4 bedrooms – 8 guests)

Chalet Chanteclair A is located at the exclusive Meribel Belvedere area. It is a ski in ski out chalet with 4 bedrooms for 8 guests. It has 1 double bedroom, 2 twins and 1 bunk room, all en-suite.

Meribel catered chalets 4 bedrooms - Chalet Chanteclair B

Chalet Chanteclair B
(4 bedrooms – 8 guests)

Chalet Chanteclair B is also located at the high quality area of Belvedere. This chalet is also ski in ski out. The chalet has 4 en-suite bedrooms for 8 guests. I double, 2 twins and one bunk room.

Meribel catered chalets 4 bedrooms - Chalet Silvana

Chalet Silvana
(4 bedrooms – 7 guests)

Chalet Silvana is located in the Morel area and has 4 bedrooms. They consist of 2 twins, 1 double en suite and 1 single.The chalet has 2 bathrooms/wc’s.

Meribel catered chalets 4 bedrooms - Chalet Quatre Miel lounge

Chalet Quatre Meules
(4 bedrooms – 8/9 guests)

Chalet Quatre Meules is located near Chaudanne ski lift centre with easy access to the piste. The chalet has 4 bedrooms, all en-suite. They consist of  1 double & 3 twins (1 with an extra bed ).


Chalet Chamois
(4 bedrooms – 8 guests)

Chalet Chamois is a lovely 4 en-suite twin bedrooms chalet, fully catered chalet for 8. Located in Meribel centre, 5 – 10 minutes walk to shops, bars, restaurants and slopes.


Chalet Petit Gibus
(4 bedrooms – 6 or 8 guests)

Chalet Petit Gibus is a 4 bedrooms chalet for either 6 or possibly 8 guests. It has 3 double bedrooms and 1 twin bunk room. Located near the Meribel Morel chairlift to the altiport beginners area. Starting from £399 per person catered low season and £2025 or whole chalet self catered low season.


Chalet L’Orgentil
(4 bedrooms – 8 guests)

A lovely chalet located at Meribel Morel very near the chairlift to the altiport. This is a fully catered chalet with 4 twin bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for 8 guests.

Meribel ctaered chalet 3 bedrooms - chalet sabaudia lounge

Chalet Sabaudia
(4 bedrooms – 8 guests)

Chalet Sabaudia is a luxury chalet with 4 en suite bedrooms. The chalet has 1 double and 3 twins, and is located at Morel. This is about 10 minutes walk downhill to the town centre.